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We can connect to your CRM

If you already have a CRM in place we can connect to cut down your admin time.

 We understand how valuable this information is and that's why we've taken care to make is easy for you to capture data on Ema functions and transfer it smoothly to your CRM. We've designed our system to integrate with any CRM for your convenience. 

Connect to your payment gateway

Raising funds is what you do, so we want to make it as pain-free as possible when it comes to collecting the income you have generated. Ema connects to your payment gateway so that you can receive your funds as fast and as effectively as possible. Every step of the way, we want to increase efficiency and allow you to raise funds, fast.

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Automatic GiftAid 

When your supporters complete a gift aid declaration that's all that you need them to do. We sort the rest of the process out for you and you receive the income directly from HMRC. This is simply another way we can maximise giving by allowing Ema to do the time consuming admin task for you.

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We integrate effectively so you can relax and know your admin will be easy!