Impressive & modern designs

We create contemporary, fresh designs & use a modern interface & admin control panel that harness the latest trends and technologies.


A seamless donor journey

Supporters can donate from anywhere in the world quickly & securely. They see other markers and messages before then donating and seeing their own marker on your visual template.


Works on any device

The Ema platform is built to translate your template to fit & work on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers for a great user experience.


Add messages & photos

Donors can tell you why they’ve donated and, if they’ve donated in-memory, who they’ve donated for!


Opt for anonymity

There’s no obligation to publicly show who your donors are and how much they’ve donated. Your supporters can always choose to donate anonymously.


Tell friends & family

Every donor gets a unique link to share with family & friends across multiple social platforms. When clicked, the recipient is taken to your visual fundraiser with that donor’s marker at the top of the list.


Build a supportive community

As more people donate, more of your visual fundraising picture gets built! Every donor gets their marker displayed for the duration of your campaign to create a warm online community.


Secure personal data

Ema is GDPR and PECR compliant, so you can reassure your supporters that any information they give is protected and used appropriately.


Get started today

Like the sound of visual fundraising?