Multiple online donation flows at one low cost.

With a subscription, you can tap into any one of our solutions one at a time, or use the entire flow multiple times together. It's all there for you to use at any time.

You can easily add another Ema product, at no extra cost, knowing all our tools are easy to customise and work in harmony with each other.

New price

For £49 per month + 20p/donation you get

  • Unlimited Visual campaigns

  • Unlimited Donation flows

  • Unlimited Legacy flows

  • Unlimited Custom forms

  • Unlimited Microsites

*You pay monthly, with an initial contract of 12 months. Renewal is optional after a year.
**A transaction = a gift. This could be a one-off donation, the set-up of a regular donation, a form submission, a ticket purchase or a bespoke transaction.

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