Choose how it looks

Use a bespoke design, pick off-the-shelf or supply your own artwork. Then choose your brand colour and add your logo to make it recognisable for your supporters.

Tone of voice

Use your tone of voice

You have control over text areas, meaning you can tell people about your appeal in a tone of voice that they recognise.


Receive funds directly

The donations will go directly into your charity pot. Ema can connect to Stripe, PayPal, Blackbaud & Opayo. Supporters can also set up a regular direct debit as part of the donation process.


Create 'Teams' of supporters

Create unlimited copies of your campaign to allow businesses, schools or individuals have their own version that feeds into yours. They can fundraise separately within their teams to create some healthy competition!


Show off sponsors

Whether you have one sponsor or ten, we can add their logos into your designs to show them off. We know how important their sponsorship can be so let’s champion those relationships.


Represent offline donations

If people donate via the post, you can upload their names, messages and donation amounts in bulk so that they’re still a part of your online community.

Save time

Cut down your admin time

Connect your campaign to Donorfy and Gift Aid to feed information in automatically. Or export CSVs for easy upload into your system of choice.


Gather the data you need

You can add your own questions to the donation journey to gather whatever information is useful. All of the data collected is encrypted in a GDPR and PECR compliant way.


Keep preferences up to date

You can set & collect marketing preferences as part of the donation journey. This can feed into your CRM or you can export them from the control panel to keep your records up to date.


Encourage more with targets

Set visual donation targets and suggested donation amounts to motivate supporters to give more generously.


See stats at a glance

We’ve created a dashboard per campaign which highlights key information about your campaign’s performance. This includes number of gifts, total amount, average donation amount and more.


Get started today

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