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Mix & match blocks

We've designed useful component blocks for you to select. Collect data and funds securely to boost income as you build up your Ema fundraising blocks.

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Edit text & add your branding

Your donors care about 'you'. Ema blocks are designed to provide you with a way to speak to your supporters in a tone that your donors will recognise as your voice.

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Connect your integrations

Our mission is to make your life easier. Connect any new Ema fundraising block to a payment gateway or existing CRM system you're already using.

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Publish & start receiving!

As soon as you're ready, go live! Unlock your donors potential to give as soon as possible. You can pause your campaigns at any time and bring them back to life!

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Mix & match the components

Ema is built for success and our blocks make it easier for you and your supporters to engage with you. Try a single or regular donation appeal, and build up engagement by adding an interactive element. The platform allows your supporters to tell you why they care. Simple but sophisticated software with secure data management, that's Ema!

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Personalise it with text and your branding

You've worked hard to grab your supporter's attention, and the platform needs to sound and look like yours. So we give you full control of text. You can also ask your supporters bespoke questions to help inform future fundraising!

We've tailored our tech to save you and your supporter's time.

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Connect the data and donations directly

Allow your donors to give a gift while you collect gift aid, receive funds directly, record information on your CRM and see useful analytics. Sound simple? It should be and our smooth integrations can avoid additional admin or delays to donations reaching you.

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Proud of what you've created, hit publish!

We'd like to be your partners to propel your fundraising to the next level and make it easier to help you accomplish your mission. Ema makes it easy to publish or pause your income generation channels at any point. And with a monthly subscription, it couldn't be easier to keep track of and run your appeals or campaigns simultaneously throughout the year!

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