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Set up

I'm interested in Ema, is it tricky to set up?

 The team at Ema have designed all our solutions to be easy to adopt so that you can get your fundraising campaigns up and running as soon as possible. We're here to help, but we believe that our tech is built so that you can make it work for you nice and easily. 

Templates, Set up

I have a tight deadline...are there any ready-to-go templates that I can get set up quickly?

You're in luck! We have a library of ready-to-go templates for you to choose from when creating your Ema fundraising campaign. You can see those here.

Simply select the template within your campaign's visual settings tab, set up the rest of the campaign settings (including plugging in your payment gateway) and you're all set for launch! 


Are there any hidden costs?

We offer a monthly subscription of £49 a month or £490 a year on a minimum 1 year subscription term.

We're clear about prices so you have access to excellent fundraising solutions with the security of clear pricing.


Is there a limit to the number of campaigns we can run?

If you've subscribed to Ema, you can run as many fundraising appeals as you like. We recommend you make the most of digital fundraising by offering at least two opportunities to support your cause each year. Build on success by repeating annually.

Features, Templates

Can I add animation to my fundraising template?

We love animations here at Ema! When clicked, your markers can wiggle, grow, spin and more. You can have clouds floating through the sky, or snow falling outside a window.

Depending on the template you’d like, we can also build in bespoke animations just for you, for a small additional charge. So tell us your ideas!

Features, Donations

Can I upload offline donations?

Yes! You can upload a single offline donation, or bulk upload offline donations via a CSV import. Set up your spreadsheet however you’d like to, then simply upload it into your Ema campaign, using our clever import wizard to assign column headings and data.

Markers will be added for each uploaded offline donation, so you and your supporters will be able to see any offline donations on your campaign.

Integrations, Reporting

Does Ema connect to my CRM?

Ema currently connects to Donorfy. You can plug this into your campaign within 'Your Account > Campaign Integrations' when logged into your Ema campaign manager.

If you wish Ema connected to another CRM, let us know! We can always look into the possibility of connecting your digital fundraising campaigns to your CRM.

Integrations, Payments, Donations

Which payment gateway can I connect?

Currently an Ema campaign can take donations via Stripe, PayPal, SagePay and Blackbaud accounts.

If you wish Ema connected to another payment gateway, let us know! We can always look into the possibility of connecting your Ema campaigns to alternative payment gateways.

Donations, Payments

Will the donations go directly into my bank account?

Yes, you will receive donations directly into your connected bank account via your chosen payment gateway.

Donations, Features, Integrations

Does Ema allow Gift Aid?

Yes! Ema allows Gift Aid on donations with a 2-click opt in approach to stay in line with latest GDPR guidelines.

With our Gift Aid integration, the Ema system can also automatically claim the money on your behalf and you’ll receive the income directly from HMRC.


Can I download reports from my Ema campaign?

Yes, we have a clever reporting system that allows you to download all data or selected types of data. And you can also change the time period you wish to download the data from!

Just click the 'Export' button on the 'Gifts' tab within your campaign settings and change your export criteria accordingly.


We love Ema, can we do more?

If you like the way we work and our solutions, we have a lot more to offer. Perhaps you'd like a completely new website rather than a convenient microsite to match you brand. We can build that for you. Want a fancier, interactive fundraising page? Ask us to help.