Choose your background

Supply your own artwork or background
image, pick an off-the-shelf template or
let us create a bespoke design that works
perfectly for your appeal.


Pick a marker to go on top

When someone donates to your visual
fundraiser, they get a ‘marker’ to visually
represent their support. That may be a
star in the sky or a leaf on a tree. But
whatever it is, you get to choose and you
can have more than one!


Watch your community grow

As more people donate, more of your visual fundraising picture gets built! Images and messages of support can be shared as part of the online donation, creating a warm online community.


Receive the money directly

The donations will go directly into your charity pot. Ema can connect to Stripe, PayPal, Blackbaud & Opayo. Supporters can also set up a regular direct debit as part of the donation process.

Bespoke screen

Bespoke designs

We’re able to create more complex designs that work perfectly for your fundraising appeal. The designs can be illustrative or photographic and can include animation, video or even sound. The Ema team loves to listen to your creative ideas and if you have an outside-the-box request but aren’t sure if it’s possible with Ema, then just ask! Chances are it is...

Make it your own

You may have everything you need already! If you’ve got a background image and donation marker that work perfectly for your visual fundraising idea, then you are able to build your own design within the platform. Or you may have an in-house designer who’s able to create and supply the template for you.

Build your own screen
Ready to go screen

Ready to go templates

For those that need a visual fundraising campaign up and running in a short space of time, we’ve designed and built a range of ready-to-go templates. Whether you are raising money in the spring, summer, autumn or winter, to plant trees worldwide or for a local charity run, the Ema template library has you covered.

See the template library


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