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Why add a Visual Fundraising element to your campaign?

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Helena Hubbard
Visual fundraising
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Let’s start at the beginning...

1) What is Visual Fundraising?

Visual fundraising is when you have a digital page with a picture that represents your campaign and a simple way to display your supporter’s donations.

Think of it as a shop window for your fundraising appeal!

This page is where your supporters can see the community of givers that they are a part of. However, there is a lot more behind the window. Simple forms which are filled in by your supporters as they make their donation collect all kinds of helpful insights into who is giving to your charity, and why.

2) Is a Visual Fundraiser difficult to set up?

Not at all, all you need to do is the nice bit, choosing an image for the backdrop to fill your digital page, or if you like, the team at Ema Giving can provide one for you! We have a wide selection of proven templates for you to choose from. Then we ask you to select the marker for the page, the one that your supporters chose to represent their donation and you are up, up and away in a matter of minutes!

The mechanism to upload images and messages are all built in and the donations come straight to you via your integrated payment gateway. Magic! Simply share the link to the visual fundraising page along with your fundraising appeal promotions and on your website and off we go.

3) A picture tells a thousand words

Think about it, if you ask a supporter to find a photo of a loved one and upload it to a fundraising appeal along with a message about them, that supporter is more likely to give when making a donation as they feel apart of a community where people can come together and share stories.

4) Why Ema?

Ema Giving creates real engagement and it doesn’t just apply for in memory giving campaigns. A visual fundraising element can boost celebration appeals plenty of room for creativity.

We make our easy integrations work for you! Our systems can include a personal thank you or welcome video from your team, or a quick link to sign up for the physical event. Make donating seamless and fun for your donors, while keeping the reporting and campaign management light work for you!

With our new building block system, you can create an online donation microsite, utilise event ticketing and even create customisable forms. Whatever you need we’ve got it!

5) Our Top takeaways

  • The average gift per transaction on an Ema campaign is £34.
  • The ability to share your donation on social media means you can reach new
    audiences and your supporters become active fundraising advocates.
  • Fundraising appeals with a visual fundraising element can collect valuable information in a secure and engaging way.
  • The sky is the limit, you can be as creative as you like and run as many
    appeals as you can think of, all for one annual price.
  • There’s a way to collect opinions, gift aid and legacy pledges via a visual fundraiser, you are not limited to traditional donations.

So what are you waiting for?