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QR codes are back, but are they here to stay?

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Helena Hubbard

QR codes have started to come back into everyday life, and this is how your charity could utilise them!

First things first, what are QR codes & what do they do?

QR stands for ‘Quick Response’. These codes are unique 2D barcodes that contain machine readable info. They often result in a link back to a web page or app, and can be used by scanning the codes with mobile phones.

They began to disappear for a while, but are back now and potentially here to stay!

Why are they important?

QR codes can be extremely helpful as they provide people, and more specifically your supporters, with easy access to your website or other digital platforms. They are great when it comes to linking the offline world to the online world. As an example example, if you run a postal fundraising appeal, printing physical QR codes as part of the design can bring people to your website by simply scanning the code on their phones.

Recent stats show that 90% of people who have access to the internet do so via their mobile phones

This means more and more potential customers could be coming through to your site if you were to make use of QR codes.

Why are they coming back?

QR codes have upped their game, now you can access them without an app … just use your smartphone camera instead to gain instant access to product information and websites. Find a QR code online and give it a try!

They now fit more seamlessly into our daily lives with a new and improved format. If you have bought an online ticket recently to attend an event or perhaps visit the cinema, you may find your ticket comes with its own QR code.

Some businesses are even taking QR codes to the next level by adding their own logo or brand colours into their designs. There is so much scope with these codes and they can be a hugely playful yet practical addition to your strategy.

Do you need a QR code?

We’ve only touched the surface of what QR codes can do for you and your charity, but don’t dive into the idea just yet for the sake of it. First ask yourself and your team if QR codes would bring value to the events or appeals you may have in the pipeline.

Would it bridge the gap between the offline world and the online world for you? Would it help to funnel more supporters directly into your online giving channels? Is your target market likely to own smartphones with the capability to scan the codes via their cameras?

If you think the answer is ‘yes, QR codes will definitely add value’ but you’re not sure where to start, chat to us! We can help you think about your online giving channels and how your offline marketing can fit more seamlessly with your online campaigns.

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