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Create and host all of your online income generation channels under one roof with Ema

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Trusted by many well-known charities

Our solutions are designed by fundraisers with fundraising in mind and have a strong supporter focus at heart. We understand the challenges you face, whether you're a small charity with limited resource or a large organisation with many departments.

We can help you grow and provide easy to implement, elegant answers to familiar problems. Ema has the power to improve your fundraising, taking your ability to generate support to the next level.

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Making your fundraising easier

Fundraisers love to engage with supporters. Ema integrates with popular CRMs, payment gateways and directly with GiftAid so that you can spend more time having those valuable conversations with people who care for your cause.

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A platform you can trust

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Make your giving go further

The team behind Ema, Minted Box, are the experts in web design and development. We've built brilliant websites and bespoke systems that can include features such as shops or ticketing tools as well as other additional add ons. We've done this for over 10 years.

Do you need more than digital giving channels? Let's work together to innovate your ability to boost your supporter's charitable giving.

Learn what the Minted Box team can do for you

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Make your mark

Did you know supporters can be 'brand blind'? We'll help refresh your look so you stand out from the fundraising crowd.

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Refresh your website

 You've worked hard to attract support, an attractive, easy to navigate website will help to keep your supporters engaged.

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Get clever with integrations

Fundraisers love to talk. Let's make sure your tech can talk to other systems too. Smooth integration keeps funds flowing.

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Sharpen up your systems

Do your existing tools make life harder? We'll help you tool-up your tech to avoid wasting time on admin our digital can do.

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