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Saving the Dawn Chorus for Tomorrow

Nature brings us all so many benefits. From the beautiful birdsong we hear when we wake up in the morning, to the trees which clean the air we breathe, the wonders of nature are all around us. But sometimes we take these for granted.

Our birdlife is suffering. In the last 50 years tree sparrow numbers have fallen by a drastic 96%, willow tits are down by 91% and the beautiful skylark has dropped by 63%. We can’t afford to ignore these and many more worrying losses.

You can help reverse this worrying decline! SBS is an independent, UK-wide bird charity that funds research into the problems faced by our much-cherished songbirds. The Charity is in its 21st year - so how about donating £21 to help celebrate AND help our beloved songbirds!

Sponsor a Songbird today and we can continue to draw attention to the plight of our small birds and find solutions to restore their numbers.

Every pound or £21 you donate by sponsoring one of these beautiful wee songbirds will go directly into our research fund which is discovering innovative ways everyone can help to save songbirds with science!

Find out more about songbirds and our work and the difference your gift will make on our website: www.songbird-survival.org.uk

SongBird Survival - Your Voice for UK Songbirds - 21 this year!